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"Task: Backup and Restore", or just "Task:BAR" for short, is an easy to use backup and recovery solution built for the typical home user. Now you do not need a tape backup device for making professional backups of your valuable data. With today's low prices for harddisk storage capacity, a cheap, fast and efficient way to do backups is to use an external harddisk connected via USB, USB2 or Firewire. "Task:BAR" was built especially for the demands of this backup method.


Also have a look on the project page of Task:BAR on sourceforge.net !


2008-04-05: New version 0.0.7 released!

Niew in this version:

Changes in 0.0.6:

Changes in 0.0.5:

Changes in the last mayor release (0.0.4):



Download the lates version from sourceforge.net.


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